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7 Insurance Tips That Will Save You Money

It’s Time to Save Money on Your Health Insurance

If you live in Massachusetts and need cheap health insurance, then there are several tips to follow in order to save money on premiums.

#1. Talk to Your Employer

Schedule an appointment or make a telephone call to your employer to request information on group plans. Most companies offer insurance plans that are affordable along with deducting the cost of a premium from a paycheck each week or month.

#2. Contact Government Agencies

There is a possibility that you qualify for government-sponsored health plans, especially if you have children or are a senior citizen. You may need to complete online forms concerning income in addition to providing identification such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers.

#3. Only Buy Emergency Coverage

To save money on premiums, choose health coverage that provides assistance for emergencies that require hospitalization instead of preventative or routine care. This type of policy is vital protection to avoid financial ruin after a serious illness or injury.

#4. Talk to Family Members

Young adults still in school are often able to remain on a parent’s policy even if they move away to live in a residence hall at college. Have a parent contact their insurance provider to determine the details about the cost.

#5.  Shop Around for Cheap Health Insurance

Remember that insurance providers are competing for your business by shopping around for policies. It is acceptable to tell a representative what other insurance providers are offering along with the premium cost.

#6. Make a Written List of Needs

Each person has different needs that might include needing immunizations for young children or requiring health coverage for prenatal and maternity care. The maze of shopping for the best policy for you is often confusing, but a written plan helps you to focus.

#7. Update at Least Once a Year

Your life may change in a year, requiring a different type of cheap health insurance plan. At least once a year, review your health coverage to make sure it is offering the things needed for you and your family.




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