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Insurance Planning in Massachusetts

Health Insurance Options in Massachusetts

With the cost of health getting higher each year, health insurance has become an expensive affair. However, health insurance does not have to be expensive. Knowing how to plan for health insurance, where to get it and the considerations to make can help you reduce your expenses.

Types of Health Insurance

Massachusetts Health Insurance policies are divided into two categories: reimbursement plans (indemnity plans) and plans that are managed. A reimbursement program enables you to select your preferred doctors and caters for your treatment costs- entirely, partly or up to a certain amount per day. Managed care gives you broader coverage and involves your insurer and selected health care providers.

What Needs to be Covered?

An ideal health insurance plan should have the following kinds of coverage:
• Hospital expense that caters for your room and emergency expenses if you get hospitalized
• Physician’s expense that caters for your appointments with a doctor
• Surgical expense that caters for surgeon fees
• Lab coverage that provides for laboratory operations such as lab tests and X-rays

How to Save Money on Health Insurance

Like life insurance, most health insurance plans will come with out-of-pocket expenses to add on to your monthly premiums. To avoid paying more for health insurance, you need to compare the following charges:
• Co-payment: A flat fee that is paid every time you go to go to a health insurance service
• Deductible: The annual expense paid toward medical expenses before your insurance provider can start to cater for your claims
• Co-insurance: A percentage of medical expenses paid after you have settled deductibles

Where to Get Health Insurance

Some people find it hard to shop around for health insurance considering the numerous insurance providers in the market. The best way to find a good cover is through a group affiliation such as a sports club, school club or a plan at work. A good way of comparing different policies is by shopping online.
Health insurance is a necessary expense in this age where illnesses and accidents are unavoidable. Although some may consider health insurance expensive, it is vital in safeguarding you and your family against health risks.


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